Exciting Weekend for the Autism Cube and Autism Awareness!

Ashlyn Jackson

This past Saturday was an exciting day!  We launched “Cubes for Classrooms”, where we are seeking corporate and individual sponsors to help get Autism Cubes into all classrooms.  We were also able to participate in an event at the new Autism Community Center in Johnson City, TN.

The Autism Society of East Tennessee ( has opened the Autism Community Center in Beeson Hall, which is located at 403 Harrison Street in Johnson City.  This is currently the only autism community center in our area.

Are You Puzzled, LLC and The Autism Cube © were well represented at the event, and we were able to share information about the Autism Cube with many of the participants.  The Autism Cube is generating lots of excitement within the autism community!  We talked with members of the Autism Society of East Tennessee and several others who are passionate about increasing awareness about autism.  A couple of media outlets (WCYB-TV and The Johnson City Press) were also in attendance, and we had a chance to talk to them about autism awareness and the Autism Cube. WCYB published a report about the event on their website -

The Autism Society of East Tennessee will be hosting another event next Saturday, March 11, from 2-4 pm at the new Autism Community Center, for families dealing with autism, and we will be participating with them.  We would be excited to see you there next Saturday!

Jay Jackson